5 Keys to Unlocking Greater Self-Awareness

If you want to develop  greater self-awareness for your personal and professional development, these five ways are simple to implement and will have a powerful and long-lasting impact. 1.Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of pausing, noticing and reflecting.  Some … Read More

Self-awareness: Three barriers to knowing yourself fully

Although self-awareness has always been an intriguing enquiry from as far back as the Ancient Greek aphorism ‘Know thyself’, it has recently become the newest buzz word personal development and rightly so. As Tasha Eurich in her New York Times … Read More

Resilience: 7 Key Skills

Below are the 7 Key Skills that resilient people demonstrate. If we want to be resilient let’s look to the people who excel at it.   1.Resilient people are autonomous. They have an internalised centre of control. People who are … Read More

Three ways to manage the hamster wheel of headship

As Headteachers we want to be happy, engergized, creative and supportive leaders. This can be a real challenge when we feel mentally and physically exhausted. I often liken the experience of headship to being on a hamster wheel. We climb … Read More

High Expectations, Friend or Foe?

Expectation [Definition] ‘A strong belief that something will happen or be the case.’ Expectations matter. They are powerful. The classic research by Rosenthal and Jacobson in 1968 demonstrated this well. A group of teachers were told that some of their … Read More

Hardwiring for Happiness

We all have high hopes for being successful in 2018 with our New Year resolutions. However research by the University of Scranton suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. Not because they didn’t change their behaviours … Read More

Dealing with difficult parents

It is too easy for us to let issues with parents  zap us of our energy. Strangely,  it only takes one parent to cause us endless stress and lack of sleep. That one negative conversation can stop us thinking about the … Read More

Accountability Success in 3 Steps

To be truly effective, school leaders must be able to help find ways to create higher levels of ownership and joint accountability for achieving key results. Teachers should be accountable but the questions are to whom and how? If all staff … Read More

Do less and achieve more… simply

In Education, we have fallen into a trap of busyness and overwork. We have mistaken all this activity to be something meaningful. The underlying thought seems to be, “Look how busy I am? If I’m doing all this work, I … Read More

How to switch off from work

We all have such busy schedules that we can often lose touch with what we need and deserve. The technology of today has left all of us with a 24/7 mentality so we can always find ourselves at work even … Read More